Monday, 28 December 2020

València | Spain

       So after my trip to Gran Canaria last month, I followed it up with a week spent visiting some other friends in Valencia. I had a full 7 days there (not counting travel days), so I got around a lot of places in that time - even though we slept in and almost never went out before midday! This week will be split into 2 posts, the first focussing on the city of Valencia itself, and the second on the Valencian Community, the region of Spain, with some trips to the surrounding area. One of the things I liked a lot about visiting Valencia, is that it isn't as popular with tourists as many other places in Spain, so even though it's a fairly large city, it still feels quiet and calm compared to other places (of course, bearing in mind that I was there in late October, not exactly peak tourism season, and Covid is affecting travel a lot still - see this post for my note about travelling during a pandemic).

Boat shaped fountain sculpture on the beach promenade in Valencia, Spain
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