Friday, 26 July 2019

Outfit - Midsummer

     It was the hottest day of the year so far yesterday, with Edinburgh reaching 28 degrees - I know that's not a lot for some people, but it's bloody hot for us! So as such, it was time for a full on summer outfit, designed for this hot weather! This crop top is so light and breezy for keeping cool, and I actually had a bikini top on underneath it. It can be difficult to find a bra that works with it, and this gave me the option of taking off for sunbathing! I did still have to work, so shorts are practical for that, and I like the high waisted shorts with the crop top, so it wasn't all too revealing. I chose these green earrings to match the leaf pattern on the top, and kept my feet cool in my sandals. I was also makeup free, but coated in suncream, and I had to tie up my hair while sleeping since it was so warm, resulting in this lion mane look!

Midsummer - outfit of leaf pattern crop top, grey denim high waisted shorts & silver strappy sandals

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Taking the Good with the Bad

     Life is a little bit gritty. Life is not always sunshine and rainbows and sparkles. While it's great to look on the bright side of things when you can, and try be optimistic, sometimes you also have to be realistic. Life can be tough sometimes.

Life is rough so you gotta be tough johnny cash quote

Monday, 8 July 2019

Fife Coastal Path | Burntisland to Inverkeithing | Hiking Scotland

     I finally had a full day off work last week, so I used it to get out Edinburgh for the day! We finally had some summer weather too, so I was eager to check out a new hiking route. Well, to be honest this route is pretty level so it was more of a long walk than an uphill hike. Though it also sounds mad that given that I walk hours every day at work, I used my day off to do even more walking! Anyways, I've never done any part of the Fife Coastal Path, which runs all the way around Fife and would take several days to complete the whole thing. I just chose one section for this day, stage two, which is supposed to be from North Queensferry to Burntisland, but I did it in reverse, and opted to stop early at Inverkeithing instead.

View of Edinburgh & Firth of Forth from Fife Coastal Path, Dalgety Bay

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Outfit - Breath of Fresh Air

     It's been months since I wore this top! Crop tops are definitely only ok for summer in Scotland, way too cold the rest of the year! I wore this outfit a few times last summer, but it didn't fit my Disneybound theme from last year, so I'm showing it off now. I love the top, it pairs with so many things, and I think with the skirt it all looks quite pretty and delicate. I like the white and grey combination as well, as light colours are perfect for summer, and there's a nice simplicity to a colour scheme like this. I continued with that in the earrings as well, these pretty white beaded ones I got in Central America a few years ago.

Breath of Fresh Air - summer outfit of white lace crop top, grey striped pencil skirt & grey Toms shoes

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