Thursday, 26 July 2018

642 Things - In Favour of Death

"Scientists announce they've discovered the secret to immortality. Write a petition letter to save the event of death."

Headstones in a graveyard - Dean Village, Edinburgh

Monday, 23 July 2018

North Berwick to Gullane | Hiking Scotland

     I'm getting a lot of walking in this summer, aren't I? I ventured a bit further out of Edinburgh this week though, to East Lothian, for a coastal walking route. This isn't exactly a hike, since it's level ground the entire way, but it takes 3-4 hours to complete the route, so I think it counts as a good amount of physical activity! It's not much of a path either, as the majority of it follows the beaches around the coast, from North Berwick to Gullane. There are options of paths behind the sand in many areas, but I did most of it on the beaches themselves, only reverting to the path if it got too rocky or awkward. It is recommended to do this one at low tide too, to be able to access the beaches and rock pools, but the paths are there if your timing is off!

Bass Rock from North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Red | Colour

     It's anger and rage and fury. It's passion and heat and flames. It's violent and visceral and raw.

Close up of red rose

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Outfit - Let Me Put You On Hold

     I've taken a break from classic animated Disney this week, to do an outfit inspired by another Marvel character. I did Captain America a few months ago, and this time I've chosen Black Widow - so obviously, all black items were called for! I tried to put together something that was functional and practical, for a superhero as she is, but still a little bit sexy, so this loose top and comfy leggings are easy to move around in, but the sheer stripes with the bralette underneath, and leather effect are a little more sultry. I chose flat boots rather than heels, again for practicality, and the leather jacket ties in to her whole aesthetic as well. The jewellery is also minimal, so nothing gets in the way, with silver accents to tone in, and I chose the arrow head necklace since she wears something similar in The Winter Soldier, a nod to Hawkeye. My hair is styled after that film too, with the centre parting (yes I know, it's not dead centre or straight!), as was the makeup, with subtle eyeshadow and a nude lip.

Black Widow Disneybound cosplay outfit of black sheer striped top, leather effect leggings & tall black leather boots

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Pentlands Glencorse View | Hiking Edinburgh

     Another sunny day means another day trip to go hiking or walking! To be honest, the weather has gotten cloudier in the last week or so, but there's still been warm, dry days to spend outside. I headed back to the Pentlands again at the weekend (having been a couple of months back), taking a friend with me who hadn't been before. We weren't out to do a huge, tough hike, so I researched a route that was fairly easy, taking just an hour or two to walk, with minimal ascent, but where we could still get some good views, so we settled on the Glencorse Reservoir Walk. You can just explore the Pentlands without following a specific route, but we had time limitations to consider!

Glencorse Reservoir view walk in the Pentland Hills, Edinburgh, Scotland

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Holyrood Palace Garden Party

     Well, it's not every day you get to say you had tea with the Queen, is it? Alright, I didn't actually have tea with the Queen, I didn't meet her at all actually, but I did get to attend the Royal Garden Party at Holyrood Palace this year, which is pretty fancy, right? A few thousand people get invited to it every year, most of them nominated by the 'Lord Lieutenant' for their area, which is basically the Queen's representative there. In our area, that would be one of my parents' neighbours, so others friends of theirs have gone in previous years, and it was my parents, plus another couple in the valley, who got invited this year, and I got to go along with them. I'm not a massive fan of the Royals, but I don't hate them either, so I mostly just wanted to go for the experience, as I likely won't get such a chance again.

Holyrood Palace, Royal Garden Party

Monday, 9 July 2018

Outfit - Down in New Orleans

     Well, I did an outfit based off of Dr Facilier a couple of weeks ago, so it seemed right that I also do one inspired by the heroine of the same movie (The Princess and the Frog), Tiana. I realised she actually wears a lot of different outfits - funny when she spends half the movie in frog form! - so I chose her green princess dress to base this look off, as it's the one she's most often shown wearing in other media too. There's some similarities to my Cinderella look here too, with the white skirt, nude flats, and hair in a bun (tied higher this time for Tiana though), but these seem to be common trends among princesses! I added the green top though, with the lace detailing mimicking her leaf overlay, and I continued the nature theme with the jewellery, including a tree of life necklace, flower patterned jade bracelet, and leaf earrings and ring. The jade bracelet matched the colour scheme, and then I kept the makeup natural too, using earthy brown tones for the eyeshadow, and a nude lipstick.

Princess Tiana Disneybound outfit of pale green lace top, long white skirt, nude flats and nature themed jewellery

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Travel Inspiration | Laos

     I feel like Laos is one of the less well-known countries in South East Asia, often overlooked in favour of its neighbours, such as Thailand and Vietnam, but I was glad that I made time to visit in while I was in that area. It's a country with a fascinating history, having been colonised by the French for a long time, and is now an openly Communist country. It was also caught in the cross-fire during the Vietnam War, so there are still huge areas with unexploded ordnances around the country. It's a largely Buddhist country, and its language (Lao) bears some similarities to Thai, so you could definitely see comparisons between Laos and Thailand. Unfortunately, during my week there, we started with a cruise along the Mekong River, but then there were terrible storms and flooding, meaning that we had to stay longer in Luang Prabang and skip Vang Vieng, going straight to Vientiane instead. This was disappointing, and my trip only covered a small portion of the whole of Laos, but it was still a good introduction to the country.

Mekong River, Laos

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Cramond to Queensferry | Hiking Edinburgh

     We've had such beautiful weather in Edinburgh over the last few weeks, so of course I've had to go out and enjoy it as much as possible - this is also when I'm really happy to have a job working outdoors! But on my days off, I've been lying on the beach or in the park, or exploring new walking routes. I chose to do this route, also known as the Dalmeny Shore Walk, from Cramond to South Queensferry, passing through Dalmeny Estate, since it's a coastal path, allowing me to be near the ocean and see some gorgeous beaches along the way. It's part of the John Muir Way, as indicated on some of the signage, but it's not a rigorous hike, as it's mainly level ground, with little to no uphill, so it's really more of a walk, but it does take almost 3 hours, so that's a good workout!

View out to Firth of Forth from Dalmeny Estate Shore Walk in north Edinburgh

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Outfit - Zero to Hero

     This week's Disneybound inspired look comes from the great hero, Hercules! I did a Meg look a couple of weeks back, so there's a few elements that have crossed over into this one - I'm wearing the same strappy sandals, and gold coloured jewellery, which seemed right for a Grecian look. For Hercules though, I chose this bright red top - which is very light for summer, and I really love the high-low hemline on! - with blue jeans, to match his colour scheme, and I picked trousers over a skirt, for a more masculine vibe. I added the cardigan for some shots, to mimic his cape, but it's really been far too warm for that here in Scotland lately! I also added the sunglasses, which would be appropriate in sunny Greek weather, and for his "celebrity" status achieved throughout the titular song. I kept my makeup light and natural, as I typically do for male characters, and wore this headband to replicate the one he wears, though it's not really the right colour!

Zero to Hero, Hercules Disneybound outfit of bright red top, blue skinny jeans, strappy sandals & gold jewellery

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Dear Real Adults

     So, I don't really know who I'm addressing with this letter, because who out there actually thinks of themselves as a "real adult"? I think I'm talking to the people who have their shit together, the people who know what direction their life is heading in, and who, even if they aren't quite there yet, know what they want their life to look like. The people with career paths, the people buying houses and starting families, the people who understand and actually have those adult things like mortgages and credit scores and investments and whatnot. Not people like me, who are making up each day as they go, who are officially adults, but definitely don't feel like it yet.

Quote mug "being an adult is too complicated, time to be a unicorn"

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