Monday, 26 February 2018

Outfit - Once Upon A Dream

     I'm taking on another princess for my Disneybound outfit this week, with a Sleeping Beauty inspired outfit. Specifically, this look is taken from the outfit she wears while living in the forest, under the name Briar Rose (as I never wear pink to mimic her ballgown!). I chose the black skirt, darker than the one she wears, but with the same floaty style, and within the colour palette. This grey, floral patterned top is the perfect colour too, and I've worn it tucked into the skirt, to emulate her corset style top. I added the grey cardigan on top, for a bit of warmth, and I experimented with the grey scarf, since she often wears a headscarf, though I prefer the outfit without it, overall. When looking for Disneybound inspiration, I noticed some people choosing lilac skirts, though I always thought it was more grey, but I added purple jewellery to pick out this element of her style, and add some colour to an otherwise monochromatic look. The bracelet also features some woodland inspired charms. I also kept my hair loose, like hers, and my makeup light, but added some grey and purple eyeshadow, to keep in with the colour palette.

Briar Rose Sleeping Beauty Disneybound outfit - grey cardigan, grey floral top, long black skirt & ballet flats

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Harry Potter Guide to Edinburgh

     As most Harry Potter fans - including myself - will know, Edinburgh is a massively important location in relation to the book series. There are numerous other locations around Scotland and the UK that Potterheads will probably want to visit - the Warner Brothers Studio Tour being one of the best! - but Edinburgh was where J.K. Rowling lived while she was writing the novels, and there are many locations around the city that provided her with inspiration, or have other connections to her and her writing. So, without further ado, here are the locations that every Harry Potter fan visiting the city should check out!

Victoria Street, Edinburgh

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Travel Inspiration | Macau

     Macau is a fascinating country to visit, as it is an unusual mix of China, Portugal, Las Vegas, with a corner of Italy hidden inside one of the casinos too. Although small, this SAR of China contains a diverse landscape of buildings, with typical Chinese buildings alongside the remnants of Portuguese colonial times, and magnificent hotels and casinos towering above everything else. It both resembles other parts of the world, yet is totally unique in its combination of cultures. I spent a day here visiting from Hong Kong (a bit of a dull, grey day as you can see from the photos), as it's just a two hour ferry ride away, and I made that trip a couple of other times for visa runs, but didn't stay for a whole day every time. As it's pretty small, a day or even a weekend is sufficient time to get a taste of the different sides of this country.

Ruins of St Paul's, Macau, SAR of China

Monday, 19 February 2018

Outfit - I See the Light

      So, after last week's Rapunzel inspired look, I'm sticking with the world of Tangled, this time trying a Flynn Rider/ Eugene Fitzherbert outfit (I went with this song title as it's the one he sings most on!). My denim waistcoat was the first, most obvious choice for this, and I picked a plain white t-shirt to go underneath. I've seen other Disneybounds that use button up shirts, but they're not really my style, and as I've mentioned, I'm trying to pick from my existing wardrobe. I also don't wear brown much, so I chose my grey skinny jeans as the closest equivalent, and to avoid a double blue denim look. My tall brown boots finished it off, being similar to the ones he wears, but the heels adding a bit of drama and flair, to suit his personality. I find makeup and jewellery can be a little harder when drawing from male characters; I decided to use browns in my eyeshadow to tone with the blue and brown colour scheme he wears (since the jeans aren't), with eyeliner for his dramatic side. I chose this gold necklace, as the colour suits his aspirations for wealth at the start of the film, but then becomes a nod to Rapunzel and the sunburst motif by the end, since I used it last week too. The bracelets and earrings were mainly to match the blue and brown/gold colour scheme I was aiming for!

Flynn Rider Tangled Disneybound outfit - blue denim waistcoat, white top, grey skinny jeans and brown leather high heeled boots

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Edinburgh Lumen

      Edinburgh is lighting up the dark winter nights just now, with 'Edinburgh Lumen', a series of light and sound installations around the city, which are entirely free to attend. The aim of Lumen is to give people something to enjoy on these cold, winter nights, and to provide calming environments, in contrast to the city's busy festival seasons in summer and in December. Having a rare evening off work the other night, I decided to check it out - and of course, it provides an excellent supply of Instagram worthy photos! The installations are located throughout the New Town, in St Andrew Square, Assembly Rooms Lane, and The Mound, which I visited in that order. The whole route isn't that long, it just depends how long you stay in each location; I spent around 30-40 minutes in total to visit all three.

Serenity Garden, St Andrew Square, Edinburgh Lumen sound & light installations

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Room Tour | Edinburgh Marchmont Flat

     So I moved back to Edinburgh a few months ago, and was staying with a family friend for a while before I found a room to rent in a flat. I moved in at the start of January, but it's taken several weeks to move up most of my belonging from my parents' house, as my mum has been bringing it in small batches, since I rarely take a day off work. It's a slightly strange room still to be honest, as it's far less personalised than most places I've lived over the past few years. I think because I've moved so many times in the last couple years, I've stopped 'settling' as much into each new place, since I know I'll be moving out again sooner or later, and I'm so tired of packing everything up all the time - it's easier if there's less stuff! So while most of the belonging I use regularly are with me in this flat now, the majority of my things are still at my parents. The room is more personalised now than when I first moved in, which is why I'm now doing this room tour post, but compared to likes of my student flat during my final year, it still has far less of my style and my things.

Bedroom in shared Edinburgh flat

Monday, 12 February 2018

Outfit - When Will My Life Begin

     So if you hadn't already guessed from the photos and title, this week I'm trying a Rapunzel inspired look for my Disneybound outfit. Tangled is one of my favourite movies, and Rapunzel one of my favourite princesses, with her sense of adventure, but her stye is quite different to mine - light colours, flouncy sleeves and skirts, and minimal jewellery aren't typically descriptors of my style! I've meshed hers and mine though, choosing this floaty, lavender coloured top to fit her colour palette and loose style, with grey jeans, closer to her palette than blue, and I needed slim trousers to balance the top. I chose these nude ballet flats, since she spends most of her time barefoot (I'd like to point out that this isn't an outfit for this time of year in Scotland - maybe spring!). I chose the necklace and bracelet as a nod to her sunburst motif, as these were the closest things I had, while the leaf ring was to tie in with the flower crown. Because of course, what else could I pick but a flower crown and braid for my hair? Blue wouldn't be my first choice for her, but this is the only crown I have. I chose stud earring too, rare for me, so as not to overwhelm alongside the flowers, and to match the purple and gold colour scheme. Finally, I chose simple, light makeup, since her style is very simple and natural overall.

Rapunzel Disneybound outfit of long lavender tunic top, grey skinny jeans, nude ballet flats, and blue flower crown

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Afternoon Tea at The Witchery

      This last week I got the opportunity to go to The Witchery by the Castle, located just next to Edinburgh Castle, for their afternoon tea. Afternoon tea isn't something I do regularly - the last time would have been at The Peninsula back in Hong Kong, so I don't have a ton of experiences to compare this to! I was there with several members of my family, as we'd all got each other vouchers for our birthday's; my mum and aunt bought them for each other, got one for my grandma and great-aunt, my mum got one for me, and I had given one to a family friend who had let me stay with her while still flat hunting in Edinburgh.

Afternoon tea platter at The Witchery by the Castle, Edinburgh

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Top 5 Asian Cities

     So the other week I wrote this post about my five favourite cities in Europe, and the reasons I enjoyed my visits there so much. This time, I thought I'd turn to the other part of the world I've seen the most of, Asia (east and south east), and pick my five favourite cities I've been to there. Asian cities are very, very different to European ones, for a variety of reasons. Some are vast, modern metropolises, with jaw-dropping architecture; others are older, simpler, and sometimes have remnants of colonial times. Many Asian cities (I'm not counting the numerous smaller towns I visited) are much larger than European ones, and therefore require more use of public transport, be it modern subway systems, or traditional tuk tuk rides. And while it's rare to find a European city without a wealth of historic sights, and carefully preserved old town areas, Asian cities often have a mix of both, with their history right alongside their more modern features. So, without further ado, here are my top five Asian cities, in no particular order...

Tokyo skyline from Mori Tower, Japan

Monday, 5 February 2018

Outfit - Drink Up Me Hearties

     Yes, I'm channelling some pirate vibes today, for a Captain Jack Sparrow inspired outfit. As I've mentioned before, I'm trying to do these outfits out of items I already own instead of buying lots of new stuff, so I've had to go with black leather, where Jack tends to have more brown (a colour I rarely use). I thought the leather leggings with these tall boots were a pretty spot on combination, topped off with my leather jacket instead of the brown one he wears. I don't wear many white tops, certainly not shirts like he does, but the light colours in this one are pretty close, and I still thought it was the right sort of style for a female version of his outfit. I pulled out this feathered headband, as a nod to the many items woven in his hair, and added some salt spray to my hair too, and of course, had to go with some heavy, dark eye makeup - the dark lip felt appropriate too! I used a lot of accessories, since Jack has so many trinkets collected during his travels, and the medallion was the perfect finish to this look, since I bought it from the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop in Tokyo Disneyland!

Drink Up Me Hearties - Jack Sparrow Disneybound outfit of leather jacket, striped blouse, black leather leggings, brown knee high boots

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Musically Inspired - Try to Struggle On

      It's easy to feel like you're being left behind as you navigate adulthood. Friends and acquaintances you've grown up with are buying houses, getting married, starting careers, having children. It's easy to feel jealous of their triumphs, to feel like you are failing at life somehow. We make it worse for ourselves too, by getting stuck inside our own heads and dwelling on the things we don't have, the things we haven't achieved, the thing we've done wrong, and the things we wonder if we will ever get right.

'Sing' single cover artwork by Deaf Havana

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Ranking Black Mirror Season Four Episodes

     Ok, I know the latest season of Black Mirror came out over a month ago, but I've worked about a million hours this month, so it's taken me a little while to get caught up! I'm obsessed with Black Mirror, as I think the storylines are just fascinating, and it's so creepy and terrifying to consider that these could be our (not so far off) future. It's a very socially conscious series, that really does make you think about the world we live in. I like that the episodes stand alone as well, so you can watch them individually, hence most of us have our favourite episodes, and others we haven't enjoyed as much. I haven't ranked the other series previously, as I only got into the show around season three, so there was little point in going back and writing posts on all of them. I do agree with most people though, that season 4, as a whole, wasn't as strong as earlier episodes. Anyways, here's my thoughts on the latest batch, in reverse order (spoilers ahead!).


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