Monday, 16 October 2017

Outfit - Rock 'n' Roll

      I have missed some of my clothes! I couldn't take everything with me to Hong Kong, so now I've come home to a lot of things I haven't worn in a long time, but still like a lot. I don't wear this waistcoat often, because I prefer it with a short sleeved top underneath, so it's not very appropriate for many months in Scotland, but I love the over-sized, ripped round the edges style of it. Teamed with my purple combat boots, I think it's quite a rock 'n' roll influenced outfit, a side of myself I haven't channelled in a while (as my many band shirts didn't come round the world with me). These trousers I would class as 'jeggings', as they have the detailing of jeans, but are as stretchy as leggings - I actually used to wear these to work, and have now sort of re-purposed them for this look. Finally, to add to the rocker look here, I've gone with pirate influenced jewellery - the necklace actually came from the Pirates area of Disneyland, while the earrings were a Thai purchase, but feathers felt appropriately piratical too.

Rock 'n' Roll - grunge rock outfit of ripped denim waistcoat, loose grey t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and purple combat boots

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Top Five East & South East Asian Countries

     Over the past two years, I've travelled through 14 countries, covering most of East and South East Asia (promise, I will shut up about it all soon!) - the only major countries I haven't been to are Myanmar, Mongolia, North Korea, and various island nations. So, in the spirit of my many top five posts, I'm choosing my five favourite countries from those travels. It wasn't easy to make these choices, since I enjoyed everywhere I went really and would recommend them all, but these were the places where I saw the most interesting things, or learned a lot, or encountered the nicest locals (I'm mentioning a con for each place too, as nowhere is perfect). I ruled out a couple places that I really enjoyed, but I only saw a tiny portion of, such as Taiwan and Singapore, wonderful as they both were. And of course, this post is littered with links to more detailed posts from my time in each location. So, in no particular order...

Sunrise at Mt Bromo, Java, Indonesia

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Three Stateside Events to Visit in 2017

     Today's post is little different to my usual fare, so I'm starting with a little introduction and disclaimer. This is a guest post submitted to me as part of a collaboration - so thanks to the guest author (bio below) for getting in touch! An extract from myself will be featured in an article elsewhere, in exchange for this post, which contains an advert (disclaimer: I received no other payment) for a company I've used myself in the past, and am happy to recommend. The events featured in this post were all chosen by the guest author, and I haven't been to any of them myself, though they do sound fun! So, without further ado, here we go...

     2017 has been a year of record-setting events in many respects, and it's not over yet. There are definitely events worth visiting before the ball drops on 2017 in Times Square. Following, are three events worth attending before the year is done.

Stock photo - black crow on orange Halloween full moon

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Blue | Colour

     It's calming and refreshing and clear. It's cool and icy and frosty. It's deep and endless and mysterious.

Blue sky with clouds above ocean sea with mountains on horizon

Monday, 9 October 2017

Outfit - Lost Summer Nights

     Oh, it's been a while since the last outfit post! They kind of got pushed aside while I was doing travel posts, but I'm back home now (my childhood room, to be specific - apologies for the not-so-great lighting) and I have a wardrobe full of clothes that never came to HK with me, to make new outfits from! We're actually kicking off again though with an outfit left over from HK, that I never had time to photograph and post there. I've worn this skirt previously, normally paired with tights - which is definitely necessary back in Scotland in October! - but I was able to wear it like this back in Hong Kong's summer heat. I wore a version of this for the kindergarten's graduation, but was required to have a white top - I switched back to red here, as I stained that white top after just one wear (which I why I rarely wear white). I like the red and black pairing though, darker colours being more my usual fare, which I think makes this a dressier, evening outfit for the summer. I've also added some silver jewellery, all of which were newly purchased in Indonesia. The earrings and necklace were from Celuk, the silver village outside of Ubud, while the ring I made myself during a workshop in Yogyakarta. I love having pieces like that, with specific places and memories attached to them.

Lost Summer Nights - outfit of loose red top, sheer layered black skirt, silver sandals & jewellery

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Next Steps | Returning Home

     Alright guys, this might be a bit of a rambling post, as I try to explain what's going on in my head these days. Anyone who's been reading this blog regularly over the last few months will know that I just finished a crazy, two month long trip through Asia, which also closed off my two years living there. So, I assume some of you may be curious as to what I'm up to next. And the answer is, I don't really know. Well, I have plans formulating, but - as I've updated all my online bios to say - I'm still trying to figure the whole 'adulthood' thing out.

View of clouds high in the sky from an airplane window

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Legian | Bali Part 3

   Well, here we are. Nine weeks, seven countries, and this is the twenty-fourth, and final, blog post about my travels - Taiwan seems like such a long time ago now! I was actually in need of a holiday after my holiday at this point, so my top priority for these last few days in Bali was to rest and relax. After the group tour finished in Ubud, I made my way south for the last four nights of my trip. Kuta is one of the most popular destinations in Bali, chock full of hotels, restaurants, and bars. It seemed much too hectic and touristy for my tastes though, so I was staying slightly further up the coast, in Legian. Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak all line the same beach, and it's not clear where each one starts and ends really. They're all busy with tourists, but it's noticeably quieter, and with less partying, the further north you go.

Sunset on Kuta beach, Bali, Indonesia

Monday, 2 October 2017

Ubud | Bali Part 2

     After a peaceful couple of days by the beach in Pemuteran, there was only one night left of my group tour, which concluded in Ubud, in the heart of Bali. Aside from the beaches in the south, this is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island, known for its art scene, yoga retreats, and its famous rice terraces and temples in the surrounding area. We drove here from Pemuteran, which took just a couple of hours, as traffic was on our side luckily. We made a few stops along the way though, to see as many aspects of Bali's culture and scenery as possible.

Valley & rice terraces in central Bali, Indonesia.

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