Monday, 30 November 2015

Outfit - Classy Converse

     Walking a fine line between casual and dressed up here, which is a pretty good balance I feel! I wore this for a night out, and it was such a comfortable choice for the evening - given the option of heels or Converse, I think I would nearly always take the Converse! Those were a slightly tipsy decision, but I think they managed to work with the outfit, and still be fancy enough for a night out. I love a pair of shorts that I can wear out, and plain black denim is simple enough to be sophisticated (although I may have to start pulling out the tights again, as the temperature is dropping!). And this simple, but cute, white peplum top classes things up even more. Lastly, some small silver pieces of jewellery to finish it off.

Classy Converse | outfit of white peplum top, black denim shorts & blue high top sneakers

Saturday, 28 November 2015

An Afternoon in Repulse Bay

     Oh I do love a bonus day off school! We had an event on Wednesday, our school picnic, which meant we then got Thursday off. Days off are great anyway, but it's even better when it's not for a public holiday, as it means the rest of the city is at work, and everywhere is far quieter. Although the temperature in Hong Kong has finally started to drop, it's nowhere near the freezing conditions I'm used to back home, and it's still pretty sunny, so we figured we could still enjoy a day at the beach. Having already visited Big Wave Bay, Hung Shing Yeh on Lamma Island, and Kwun Yam Wan on Cheung Chau, I wanted to go to a new one, so we chose Repulse Bay Beach, on the south side of Hong Kong Island. From Admiralty MTR, you can take the 6, 6X, 6A or 260 bus, which takes around 40 minutes.

Sand and ocean in the sun on Repulse Bay Beach, Hong Kong

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Musings from the Pier

     The ocean stretches out to meet the sky, an infinite wash of blue, interrupted only by the dark vessels drifting along the horizon line. The sky is dirty grey, dreary and still, uninspiring, save for the tinges of pink decorating the clouds, as the sun sets somewhere around the corner. The waters are flanked by two hulking green masses, reaching towards each other as if to embrace, but unable to close the gap between them. They are smooth, isolated guardians, not a man-made structure to be seen from this point. Closer, rock formations peer from the depths of the sea, carvings undertaken by nature as the waves slowly caress them, re-shaping them bit by bit.

Blake Pier in the harbour of Stanley on Hong Kong island

Monday, 23 November 2015

Outfit - Geometry

     Hold the front page guys, I'm wearing more than one layer! Not that I need to since it's still bloody warm here, and this cardigan doesn't do much to keep you warm. However, it is a little cooler here, which is a good excuse to start changing up my wardrobe a little, with jeans appearing more and more often, and adding light, extra layers. This cardigan is especially good for here, as it adds a bit of fun and interest, but certainly still allows me to keep cool - sometimes I struggled to wear it at home, as it was impractical much of the time, failing to keep me warm. The bright pink is also fun against an otherwise grey outfit, and pink is outside my usual colour palette, so keeps things quite different for me. There's also a nice harmony between the geometric design of this necklace and patterned top, and the pattern of holes in the string cardigan. And these grey skinny jeans go with just about anything, and can look quite effortlessly elegant in the right combination.

Geometry | outfit of pink string cardigan, grey patterned vest top, grey skinny jeans and brown ankle boots

Saturday, 21 November 2015

A-Z of My Favourite Films

     So we've covered books and music in my previous A-Z posts - this around, we're looking at films! These are films I've seen at one point or another, but I don't necessarily own copies of them, so I didn't have a proper collection to look through to make this, like I did with my book shelves and my iPod, so it's possible I've forgotten about some things. As with those lists though, it's interesting to see what I did come up with for each letter, as some films I love had to be sacrificed because they shared a letter with something else, while others are only on here to fill a letter, but certainly wouldn't normally be considered one of my favourites. (Amazon links in the titles).

Large, empty cinema with seats and screen

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Day Trip to Cheung Chau Island

     I may have only just visited Lamma Island a few days previously, but I was straight back out to another of Hong Kong's Outlying Islands at the weekend. Cheung Chau was one we'd been hoping to go to for some time now, and we finally got there. The ferry departs regularly from Central pier 5, and takes around an hour, though we caught the fast service that is only about 40 minutes. Some of the day was a little overcast, especially when we first set off, but the sun managed to break through for a few hours in the middle of the day. We went fairly early too, to take advantage of having a full day to explore as much of the island as possible. There's only one village in the centre of the island, which has plenty of shops and amenities (making it feel far more up-to-date than the villages on Lamma), while the rest of the island is greenery and beaches, with a few pavilions and temples scattered throughout.

View of Cheung Chau Island's village and boats in the harbour, Hong Kong

Monday, 16 November 2015

Outfit - Candy Colours

     This is ridiculous Hong Kong, how is it possible still this warm in November? Normally at home I'd be piling on layers, and never dream about wearing a skirt without tights, but here, it's a different story! Even going out at night, short and cool is the way to go. This skirt is quite different for me, as I normally favour skater styles, rather than tight, pencil skirts like this. Sometimes I get insecure about my little bit of a belly, but at the same time, I know it's not that big, and I just think "screw it". Pink is also most definitely not a colour I wear often, but I couldn't resist the funky patterns on this. It's so bold and fun, great for a night out, so I paired it with a plain black top and heeled boots, so as not to be overwhelming. The necklace matches the skirt well, and the boldness of it works well against the plain top. I bought it dead cheap, because it's missing jewels, but not too noticeably - I also painted the missing gap with pink nail polish, so it looks less obvious than the silver backing underneath.

Candy Colours | outfit of plain black top, pink patterned pencil skirt, black high heel ankle boots, and statement necklace

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Day Out to Lamma Island

     Most people's first thoughts of Hong Kong are a buzzing, hectic metropolis, with its skyline dominated by towering skyscrapers. Yet just a stone's throw from the concrete maze, lies many natural treasures hidden in the city. Such examples include the Outlying Islands, each a short ferry ride from Central. I visited my first of them on my recent day off this week, Lamma Island. The ferry leaves from Central pier four, and takes a brief 20 minutes to Yung Shue Wan, or 35 minutes to the smaller village of Sok Kwu Wan. We started our day at the former, the largest town on the island (though still very small!). The ferry ride was pretty smooth, since we weren't far out to sea, and it was a calm day, and it was also pretty quiet, as it wasn't a weekend or public holiday. It was actually Dr Sun's Birthday, which hasn't been a public holiday here since Hong Kong was handed back to China by the British, but my school still gives us the day off.

Ocean and island view from Yung Shue Wan ferry port, Lamma Island, Hong Kong

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Travel Inspiration - Copenhagen

     We're going far away from all my Hong Kong posts in this travel inspiration post - heading all the way home to Europe in fact. Earlier this year, I visited the Danish capital of Copenhagen for a long weekend, and discovered what a wonderful place it is. It felt like a very welcoming, laid-back place, and the cool, overcast February weather didn't even bother me that much! There's plenty of sights to see - the Little Mermaid statue may be the most well-known, but it's far from the only one, or the most spectacular. As with most other European cities, the architecture is stunning - I've seen some amazing sights from around the world, but Europe is unbeaten when it comes to beautiful buildings! The colourful houses on the harbour in Nyhavn stand out in my memory, as do the splendid palaces, of which the city boasts three. Aside from the historic sights, Copenhagen is also home to some quirkier places, most notably the freetown of Christiania, full of artists, crafty stalls, and some other forms of, er, recreation. If the rest of the city feels laid-back, Christiania is the epitome of it. It's also a short train ride up to Helsingor, where Kronborg Castle can be found. Copenhagen also boasts plenty of great places to eat, and some very fun night life, so there's something there to suit everyone!

Colourful houses of Nyhavn by the harbour, Copenhagen, Denmark

Monday, 9 November 2015

Outfit - Shades of Midnight

     A fairly simple outfit again today - despite the fact that it's now November, Hong Kong is still stupidly warm, and I'm not even reaching for cardigans yet, never mind an actual coat! And normally I'd be wearing this with black tights back home, but they're definitely not necessary here. However, while my colour palette doesn't always reflect the seasons, I do feel the dark colours in this combination are more suited to autumn/winter, even if it still feels like summer to me! My favourite old ankle boots also feel slightly more autumnal, even though I'm guilty of wearing them through summer back home. I also like little details in simple outfits like this, such as the pretty lace pattern on the skirt, which you can see a close-up of below. And a big, statement necklace finishes it off nicely, acting as a sort of focal point of interest.

Shades of Midnight | outfit of purple t-shirt, dark blue lace skirt and brown suede ankle boots

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Musically Inspired - Hazy Memories

     Bright lights, pounding music, flashing colours, swarms of people... liquid tumbling down my throat, filling my belly with warmth... the city feels alive and dead at the same time... its energy coursing through me, spurring me on and on and on... darkness all around... disorientating light... hot, stuffy rooms and cold, biting night air... walking, walking, stumbling, falling... shit, broken glass under my feet...

Blurred, hazy colourful city lights at night

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Halloween in Hong Kong

     While there are plenty of things I enjoy about Halloween, I haven't necessarily celebrated it every year - so this time I made up for it by doing it twice! I even had two costumes, which you can see in my last outfit post. Also, apologies for the photo quality here, I never take my good camera when I'm out drinking, so I've only got phone pictures from both nights. The first night was Friday, the day before Halloween, when a friend booked a bunch of us tickets to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I've seen it before, but this was an open air showing, on a 21st floor balcony, with everyone dressed up as characters. I love the film, as it's just utterly bonkers, so I was quite happy for an excuse to see it again! I've heard that showings like this can get quite rowdy, with everyone singing and dancing, but ours was pretty tame. A little disappointing perhaps, but it was still fun to just chill out, watching the film outdoors, with plenty of drinks and snacks on hand! Our night didn't end there either, as the venue was in Wan Chai, which has bars aplenty, so we had a few more drinks before heading home (a decision I may have regretted when faced with going to work with a hangover and four hours sleep the next day...)

Rocky Horror Picture Show outdoor Halloween screening at The Hive in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Monday, 2 November 2015

Outfit - Fright Nights

     I didn't just go out once for Halloween, I went twice! So, you lucky things, today's outfit post is a double whammy, featuring the two outfits I wore. Since I was choosing to dress up twice, as separate things, rather than reusing one outfit, my choices had to be fairly simple. I wore clothes I already owned both times, and simply added a few accessories to indicate what I supposed to be. Nothing incredible, but I think both turned out ok. My first night out was 30th Oct, when we went to a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show (blog post about both nights is coming soon!), where it's custom to dress as a character from the film. I chose Magenta, the maid or 'domestic', and dressed in all black, with an apron - it was also super comfortable for chilling out, watching a film! I also happened upon this bow, and the white frills seemed a bit maid-like, while the patterned tights were the closest I had to fishnets. For Halloween itself, we were going to beer fest, then to try to watch the rugby, so I didn't want an over-the-top outfit. I found this cheap red cape, and figured that would make it pretty obvious I was Little Red Riding Hood. The outfit underneath is nearly identical to this one, since red and black seemed most appropriate. The silver fang necklaces also seemed a bit wolfish! Both nights, my makeup wasn't extreme, but I opted for blood red lips, and bolder eye makeup than usual, and a slightly wild, semi-back-combed hairstyle.

Fright Nights | maid fancy dress outfit detail of black & white frilled bow headband

Sunday, 1 November 2015

25 Questions Tag

     So today's blog post is going to a very quick, lazy one, since I ran out of time to write anything yesterday, and was faced with this post, or nothing at all. That, and I'm currently lying in my bed, munching crisps and nursing a hangover - there will be a Halloween post coming next week! So after a quick internet search, I've found a question tag post, so you can find out some random bits and pieces about me. I was planning to do a few posts like this anyway, seems like a bit of fun!

25 questions tag - title text on a leafy tree background
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