Thursday, 17 July 2014

Those Times When Real Life Gets In The Way

     Why does life have to get in the way? There are so many people stuck in ruts because our reality doesn’t always make it easy to do what we want.

     I’m talking on a personal level right now, as I’m working like crazy at summer camp right now, which is a lot of fun, but doesn’t always leave room for everything else. My to-do list is ridiculous, I haven’t finished my coursework due in September, there are friends I haven’t seen in months and I’ve had to set aside some days off for family commitments. But somehow, between all of this, I’m desperate to keep writing. My usual blog schedule has already been disrupted – this is going up a day late – as I don’t want to forsake the quality of my posts just to get something up on time, but without a regular schedule I get lazy about it.

     I’ve also been struggling for inspiration, as my life has taken on a very predictable routine. I know life can’t be an amazing adventure every single day, but I can usually find somehow to spark my imagination often enough. But lately, while reality isn’t boring – how can it be when working with kids? – but whenever I try to write, or even just plan some blog posts, I struggle for ideas. This was how my “Musically Inspired” series came about, but I want to keep things fresh and not use that too often.

     It’s a shame that real life constricts us in this way. I think I’m pretty lucky in a lot of ways, but life can still be frustrating at times. We have to prioritise, and more often than not, the things we enjoy fall by the wayside, as we need to work in order to survive. Deadline and late shifts fill up all our time, or leave us so exhausted that we can’t bring ourselves to do anything afterwards. This is why the people who make a living doing what they love are the luckiest, as they get the best of both worlds. University usually leaves me with plenty of free time for things like blogging, but I dread to think about what I’ll do after graduation next year. I only have vague notions about the areas I’d like to work in, but the job market here is so difficult that I don’t want to get my hopes up too high. And then there’s the strong possibility of whatever I do eating up all the spare time I currently have.

     It would be wonderful if everyone could do what they love, without the rest of the world getting in the way. Sadly, life doesn’t work like that, which is harsh but true. We simply have to make the best out of what we have and find pleasure in whatever we can. Occasionally, like right now, inspiration hits me at unusual hours, but I always make the most of it while it lasts. I thought I’d be a blog post short this week, but I’ve ended up writing about my frustration at this very possibility, therefore avoiding it! I hope this wasn’t too scatter-brained or rambling for anyone though, as I’m exhausted right now!

     Any suggestions for how to keep up with the things you love when life tries to get in the way? Or suggestions for future blog posts, or ways for me to get inspired?


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