Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Musically Inspired - Dead End Towns & Daring to Change

     Everyone has a different relationship with their home town, both growing up and as adults. Some can’t wait to escape, others never want to leave. We all lead our own lives and must make these decisions for ourselves, so I would never judge someone for doing what makes them happy. But our home towns are just one tiny corner of a large planet, which has a whole lot of stuff to offer.

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     As someone who came from a small town where not a lot happens, I think it’s important for people to experience life away from their home town. It doesn’t have to be forever of course, but the world is such a huge place, with so many incredible things on offer to experience, it seems like a waste to me if you don’t get out there and see at least a little more of it. Some people might go off travelling for a while and then still end up living in the same town their whole lives, but at least they tried it. Not everyone is privileged enough to have opportunities to see the world, which I fully understand, but if you do have these opportunities, then take them. Even if it’s just a temporary move to a bigger city, it’s something different.

     It’s the people who outright refuse to go anywhere else that I don’t understand. People who stay inside the same cosy little bubble their entire lives, doing the same routine day in, day out. There’s a whole world of culture and adventure, exciting jobs possibilities and fascinating people that they’re missing out on. Change can be scary, yes, but it’s what allows us to grow and develop as individuals, gaining experience and independence. Staying stuck in what is comfortable and familiar for your entire life means you miss out on a lot of things. Circumstances may prevent some people from making the changes that they want to, or even ought to, but if there’s nothing stopping you besides yourself then you are probably wasting opportunities.

     I think I just find it frustrating more than anything else, to see people spending their whole lives in the same job or town and never daring to make a change. This is especially the case if they are unhappy, yet refuse to do anything about it, or are wasting their own potential to do more. Some people may be scared of failing in new ventures, but it’s better to try and fail than never try at all. Mistakes and failures make us human, and should be viewed as opportunities to learn and better ourselves. However, if you are genuinely happy in your safe bubble or familiar routine, then by all means, continue. It’s not my place to interfere. But if even a tiny part of you wants something more, or is curious about what else the world has to offer; go find out!

     I don’t think anyone will ever regret venturing out into the world to try new things. They may decide that whatever they’ve tried isn’t the right choice for them, but at least they gave it a chance first. And it could be that taking a chance works out, and you discover something wonderful or exciting or that just makes you happy somehow. I think everyone regrets the chances they didn’t take far more than those they did.

Song: "Roll The Dice" - Blitz Kids


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