Monday, 14 April 2014

Lyrics To Live Your Life To - Part 2

A couple of years ago I published a post of some of my favourite lyrics, which you can find here. Since then, a lot more music has been released, so I thought I’d do a part 2 to that post, with a collection of new lyrics.

Long live the reckless and the brave

Who do you want to be tonight?

We’re all architects of our own private hell

Don’t take another step along the same road

All I am is wrong these days

Dream a little bigger

I struggle to find the sense in making sense

I was born, I have lived, I will surely die

These streets don’t feel like home to me

Long live the kids in us all

Hard to shine when they don’t notice you at all

There’s a fool in all of us

A little evil goes a long, long way

We are the good youth, we deal in dead truths

I wish for small things

I just close my eyes and dance inside my head

I’ll fight til my blood runs cold

We’re alive, but just for a moment

I won’t cross these streets until you hold my hand

Are we gonna live forever? No

I found rebellion in self-destruction

Let’s un-write these pages and replace them with our own words

I’d wait here forever just to see you smile

I’m half crazy, or just cracked up

We are the wrong and guilty, we are the young and the unimpressed

What are you so scared of?

In the end we’re all left wondering who we are

Young and unemployable, lonely, drunk and beautiful

Say you’ll never change

If they give you hell, tell ‘em go fuck themselves

Perfect’s never perfect

With age comes insecurity, embarrassment and tragedy

If you dish it out you’ve got to learn to take it

I’m not the kind of girl to trip and fall in love

What happens next? Who cares

I’m bruised but I’m not broken

This ain’t a fairytale

Beyond repair, without a care, I’ll let the dark in

Don’t you forget about me

I feel a little lost in this room

I’m scared to get close and I hate being alone

This is the sound of a lost generation

A touch of wicked, a pinch of risqué

When did I get so lost inside my head

We’re all just weird kids in the end

Your lost boy, your last chance, your everything-better plan

If you’re a freak like me, don’t apologise

Even forever doesn’t last that long

When will the princess figure it out, she ain’t worth saving

We are the broken

Every chapter is part of a story with an unwritten ending

Welcome to the nightmare in my head

Dance alone to the beat of your heart

You’re a risk worth taking

I pray that things are getting better, but I won’t hold my breath

If all you wanted was somebody to hear you out

All the times that we messed up

This is me, 23, king of my own destiny, I will be fine

I need a little room to breathe

For all I know we’re all just ghosts

I’m not an angel

If you want me now I’ll make your life a living hell

I’m moving on to better things

As I get older my future hasn’t got any clearer to me

I’m turning away from the ghost of you

Trust me, I’m a mess, but I beat myself best

So I can burn out bright

I can’t drown my demons, they know how to swim

The truth is I’m as lost as I was before

I’m always living in my head

I am no king, I have no throne

I taught myself to live without you around

Stop fucking around with my emotions

I don’t think I want to be saved

We are young and we are free; my god that’s still good enough for me

We could be a story in the morning, but we’ll be a legend tonight

I miss the days I used to know I had a place

We are the brightest of sparks

I’m not going to die on my knees

When you’re down, keep swinging

We are believers


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