Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Outfit - For The First Time In Forever

     For the final month of 2018, I've decided to try and make my Disneybound outfits quite festive and winter themed (and these short winter days in Scotland have resulted in some dodgy lighting this week, sorry!). So with that in mind, my first outfit comes from the film 'Frozen', inspired by Anna. She wears a couple of outfits during the film, but this is the black and blue dress, with pink cape, that she wears most often. I chose the black t-shirt and blue skirt to match the colour palette, and the skirt has glittery threads which feel quite festive. The cardigan is less winter appropriate, but the right colour, and is fine to wear indoors if the heating is on! I recently got these boots refurbished, and they're practical for the winter months. I chose the leaf patterned necklace and ring, as she has flower and leaf detailing on her dress. The blue earrings were to echo the cool colours of winter, and the pink lipstick was to bring out her energetic, vibrant personality. Finally, of course I had to plait my hair!

Anna Frozen Disneybound outfit of black t-shirt, short blue glitter skirt, pink lace cardigan, and tall black leather boots

Saturday, 8 December 2018

642 Things - Everyday Soundtrack

'Write a music review for the sounds of your life - your personal, everyday soundtrack.'

Colourful sound wave on black background, in purple, pink, orange, and yellow

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Holyrood Palace | Edinburgh

     Holyrood Palace is one those places in Edinburgh that all the locals know about, but half of us rarely ever visit it. I've been once before, back when I worked for a summer school, but I was watching the kids more than actually taking in the palace. And of course, I went to the Queen's Garden Party earlier this year, but you don't actually go inside the palace for that. A friend got some free tickets last weekend though - Historic Scotland gives away a bunch every year to several attractions around the country for St Andrew's Day (the patron saint of Scotland) if you register online - so of course, I took her up on the chance to go again.

Palace of Holyrood House, Edinburgh, Scotland

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