Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Busan Fireworks Festival

     I heard a lot about the Fireworks Festival in Busan during the weeks leading up to it, as its one of the largest fireworks displays in Asia. It takes place every October, and this was its 12th year. The display lasts for around an hour, with a short interval, and is accompanied by music played around the area. The Gwangan Bridge serves as the backdrop, so Gwangalli Beach is the best place to watch it from. However, if you want a good spot, you'll need to be there hours in advance, and be prepared to be crushed in amongst thousands of others. There are some alternative locations to watch from, Hwangnyeongsan Mountain being another choice, but these will be pretty busy too. The subway has additional guards along the route to Gwangan, to prevent complete chaos breaking out, and the public transport runs until later than normal, to accommodate the vast numbers of people trying to get home again.

Firework explosion at the 12th Busan Firework Festival on Gwangalli Beach

Monday, 24 October 2016

Outfit - Year Round

     First of all, given the horrible lighting in my current flat, I did some experimenting for these photos, which I took on the roof of my building. I much prefer natural light to fluorescents, though it was a bit overcast the day I took these. Anyway, on to the outfit; I love finding ways to make my clothes work in different seasons when possible. Of course, thick woolly cardigans are reserved for winter, and my light, breezy trousers and shrugs are going to be pretty useless in the colder months. However, this denim dress is definitely a versatile piece. I wore it like this back in the summer, and now I'm piling on some extra layers to continue wearing it now, with some good tights, a warm cardigan, and a black cami top underneath to disguise the cut out piece. These boots are my staple right now, while I'm waiting for some orders to arrive, and they're proving to be highly practical. Finally, I went for smaller jewellery, so as not to detract from the dress's detailing.

Year Round - outfit of denim cut out dress, with long grey cardigan, black tights and brown suede ankle boots

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Travel Inspiration - Honduras

     Many travellers shy away from the prospect of visiting Honduras, due to its unusually high murder rate, but my visit there was the furthest thing from dangerous. It was one of the destinations on my Central American trip last year, and I was travelling as part of a group tour, so the company were going to do their best to keep us safe! And with some basic traveller common sense, the likelihood of anything happening to you is no higher than most other countries. More tourists are visiting now, but it still feels like a relatively unknown location, lacking the masses of tourists you may find in other places. We made two main stops during my few days there, the town of Copan, full of tuk tuks and cobbled streets, and the island of Roatán, with its idyllic palm trees and beaches.

Cobbled streets and tuk tuks in Copan, Honduras
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