Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Outfit - Mistress of All Evil

     It's time for a villain for this week's Disneybound, and I was inspired by the iconic Maleficent, from 'Sleeping Beauty' - I already did a Briar Rose look here! Black is obviously the colour she wears most often, so I chose this simple little black dress, with the flared skirt and belted waist. She's a dramatic character too, so I thought high heels for some glamour were appropriate, and I added the cape-like cardigan, for a bit of flair, and to look like her robes. As her robes are lined with purple, I chose this chunky amethyst necklace, with green earrings to echo her ghoulish skin tone. I mimicked her makeup, with purple eyeshadow, winged liner, and bold red lipstick. My hair is modelled after the 2014 'Maleficent' film, where her hair is often loose, hanging long and straight and pinned back from her face - since I was never going to be able to find a way to recreate her horns!

Maleficent inspired Disneybound outfit of little black dress with tights & high heels, and green & purple jewellery

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Musings from the Fringe

     The streets are rammed. Bodies jostling past each other, bumping elbows and shoulders and legs, slowly shuffling their way down the pavements. They squeeze past the stages and roped off corners, where the performers clamour for their attention, and past the gigantic towers, standing high above the crowds, slowly putting on weight as the month progresses, becoming wider and wider with layers of posters hastily taped in place. Coloured birds line corners of buildings, and the air is thick with flags and umbrellas, dancing their way over everyone's heads.

Edinburgh's Royal Mile with the Fringe Festival banners up in August 2018

Thursday, 13 September 2018

A-Z of East & South East Asia

     I've written several travel themed A-Z posts over the last few years, including my current home city Edinburgh, my home country of Scotland, and my temporary home in Asia, Hong Kong. This time I'm widening the scope quite a bit to do an A-Z of Asia, but specifically East & South East Asia, as that was the area I lived and travelled in. Other than Hong Kong, I didn't spend enough time in any single country to feel equipped to write an A-Z for it (without extensive research anyways), so I'm traversing the continent for this one, but also mainly focussing on the places that I went to during my travels there!

     For all my other A-Zs, click here!

Angkor Wat temple near Siem Reap, Cambodia
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