Thursday, 20 June 2019

Outfit - Picnic Weather

     Is it summer yet? That's always a highly debatable question in Scotland, because as soon as you think it's here, it disappears again. Anyway, I'm ready for more summer clothing, starting with this bright, happy dress I got last year, which I recently wore out to a picnic/festival in the local park (hence title). I've used it on here before, with the same belt, but this time I wanted to experiment with a cardigan on top. The off-the-shoulder neckline of the dress is a little tricky with a cardigan on top, but I found if I belted around the cardigan as well as, it stays in place better. I like the bold combination of the green and purple too. These are my go-to summer shoes, as they're comfortable for walking around in a lot, and easy to pair with anything. The earrings were a recent purchase from my South Africa trip, made from ostrich egg shell!

Picnic Weather - outfit of green dress & purple cardigan belted at waist, with grey Toms

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Falkirk Wheel to Kelpies | Scotland

     We finally got some good weather here in Edinburgh recently, so a friend and I made the most of our day off last week to go on a little day trip. I've been enjoying seeing more of my own country on these sorts of day trips in the last year! We actually meant to do this last year and ended up cancelling for some reason, so I'm glad we finally got around to it. The plan was to take the train to Falkirk, just west of Edinburgh, to visit the Falkirk Wheel and then walk along the canal to reach the Kelpies. The day was as much about the walk as it was the sights themselves!

The Kelpies, Falkirk, Scotland

Thursday, 13 June 2019

7 Netflix Rom-Coms to Watch

     I do like a romantic comedy from time to time, but I've always sort of considered them to be 'guilty pleasures'. They're often easy-viewing, as I can predict the plot and ending easily. They're nice, comforting films, but don't require that much brain power on my part - and of course, many of them play into sexist, gender stereotypes. However, in recent years Netflix has grabbed on to the genre and released slate of original movies, many of which aim to subvert and correct the problems of rom coms in the past. Now, there are more on the platform than just this list, but these ones are my favourites of those I've seen do far (in no particular order).

Netflix 'N' logo icon

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