Friday, 11 October 2019

Travel Inspiration | Ireland

     Ireland are our neighbours just across the water from Great Britain, and I think there is a certain affinity between them and us Scots, with our shared Celtic heritage from way back when. We're both fiercely proud of our countries and culture as well. I visited for the first time last year, with a long weekend trip to Dublin, a vibrant, energetic city. I managed to squeeze in some day trips to other parts of the country too, taking in historic castles, small fishing villages, rolling green hills, and spectacular clifftop ocean views. There's plenty more details in the posts from that trip, but here are my photo highlights, including some I didn't share the first time...

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Edinburgh Doors Open Days 2019

     So last year I wrote two posts about the places I visited on Doors Open Days. This happens once a year (all over Scotland, not just Edinburgh), where they open up buildings and locations that the public can't normally access for the weekend. Or, places that are usually paid entry are for free, or there are additional events on in places that are usually open and free. It's basically a great way to see some new places around the city, learn more about them, or experience some of the additional events. This year I had more free time on the Sunday than the Saturday to see things, so I'm just putting it all in one post instead.

Ballroom, Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh

Friday, 4 October 2019

Outfit - Vintage

     I realised that I've been wearing this denim jacket all summer, and for the start of autumn, but haven't featured it in an outfit post yet, and now it's getting too cold here to be wearing it! I got it online earlier this year, and it's a vintage, second-hand jacket. I'm trying to make an effort to not buy as much "fast fashion" as I have in the past, so I'm trying to use more independent shops (both online and in person), and get some second-hand things like this. This outfit looks a bit vintage, '80s overall I think, with the oversized jacket (technically a men's), paired with the black leggings (which are thick enough to not need something over the top of them), and the Converse. I chose these big earrings to sort of continue on with that idea. The jacket very much encapsulates my summer though!

Vintage - outfit of second hand thrifted blue denim jean jacket, white striped top, black leggings & red Converse

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