Saturday, 20 October 2018

Edinburgh Cocktail Week

     A Friday night spent in a tent full of twinkly lights and cute decorations, with a choice of a dozen pop-up bars serving their own signature cocktails - what more could you ask for? Edinburgh Cocktail Week has been on this week, and with every drink priced at just £4 (with a wristband), how could I say no? So my flatmate and I headed out last night to see what was on offer.

Edinburgh Cocktail Week sign in the Cocktail Village

Thursday, 18 October 2018

642 Things - The Eruption

'Make a scene with a character exhibiting really bad behaviour'

Woman on fire with anger and rage

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Outfit - Gaston

     Here's the second in my month of Halloween villain Disneybound outfits! This time I've chosen Gaston, from 'Beauty and the Beast' (his song is named after him, so one of my more obvious choices there!) - Belle was actually my first Disneybound on here ever, if you haven't seen it yet! I chose the red t-shirt to match the colour scheme, and it has a slightly longer hemline which means it works well for fastening the belt around, like the tunic type shirt he wears. These black leggings, with the detailing, are similar to his, as are the tall brown boots - and I think Gaston would approve of the high heels, being as dramatic as he is! I kept my makeup fairly neutral, but with plenty of mascara and a bright lip, since I could imagine him doing something like that, being as vain as he is. I tied my hair in a low ponytail like his, and chose these wooden dagger-like earrings, and fang tooth necklace, inspired by his hunter tendencies.

Disneybound Gaston inspired outfit of belted red top, black leggings and tall brown leather boots

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