Monday, 15 January 2018

Outfit - Be Our Guest

     A few weeks ago I suddenly had the idea to start doing Disneybound outfits, to mix things up a bit on the blog, so I thought since it was so close to the new year anyway, that I'd devote 2018 to them (or at least until I run out of options!). For those that don't know, Disneybounding is when you put together an outfit inspired by a Disney character, but just with regular clothes, not a costume. My goal here is also to only use items I already own, as much as possible, and not go out and buy things specifically for Disneybound outfits, unless it's something I really like that I'd definitely wear again anyway.

     First up, is Belle, with an outfit inspired by her blue and white dress that she wears for the majority of the movie. I don't wear this skirt often, but I thought the loose, floaty style resembles Belle's wide skirt, and the white top replaces her apron. In summer, I'd be wearing this without the tights and cardigan, but it is the middle of winter here in Scotland, so I thought a blue cardigan matched her style well enough, and the black tights and ballet flats work well together - Emma Watson actually wears boots as Belle in the live-action movie, but the animated original is in flats like these. I tried to do my hair and makeup to match her style too, with the low ponytail, and simple, light makeup. Teapot earrings make the perfect ode to Mrs Potts, and while the necklace isn't taken from anything in particular in the movie, I thought the simple pendant in blue would suit Belle (though this is Italian glass, not French!). And of course, she isn't complete without a book in hand!

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Writer Tag

     I was struggling with what to write this week, so I had a search around the internet for some inspiration, and came across this tag. It can be applied to any sort of writer I think, not necessarily just novelists and such, and is not just for people who write as a profession, so I figured I'd give it a go. Hopefully this will reveal a bit more to you all about myself, and why writing and blogging is something I continue to do, and it was also interesting for me to think about my writing process myself - and possibly how to improve it!

'Writer Tag' text on background of pen, paper, and coffee
(source with my text edit)

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

White | Colour

It's pure and fresh and serene. It's bright and light and clear. It's blank and empty and space.

White snowy forest

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