Monday, 21 January 2019

The Instagrammer | Character Sketch

     She's the girl with the perfectly curated feed. Each photo carefully edited. Imperfections removed. Colours corrected. Bright lighting. Flat lays, outfits, sunsets... but all within a pale, pastel colour palette.

Fashion outfit sketch pencil drawing for fictional character profile, young adult millennial Instagram girl

Thursday, 17 January 2019

642 Things - How to Skip Work

'A beginner's guide to skipping out of work'

'Out of office' sign

Monday, 14 January 2019

Travel Inspiration | Edinburgh

     As the city I've called home for the longest, Edinburgh is a special place to me. I think it's a beautiful, fascinating city, with so much to explore - honestly, this post could have been twice as long as it is! The streets have so many stories to tell, and sometimes it's my job to tell them... And considering there's been a settlement here for thousands of years now, those stories are long, rich, and complex, spanning the centuries. Take a look for yourself....

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

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