Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Feeling Stuck

     Lately, I've been struggling a little when it comes to this blog, which is so frustrating when it's something I've enjoyed a lot for the past few years. In part, I'm pretty tired being back in a Hong Kong kindergarten, which takes a lot of my time and energy every day. However, I'm also struggling creatively, in terms of inspiration. I want to stick to my posting schedule, of three times a week, but it's proving harder to maintain lately, as I don't know what to write sometimes!

Writer's Block - blank paper with pencil and crumpled up paper scattered around

Monday, 27 February 2017

Hiking Sharp Island

     Time for another adventure! Sai Kung was a town, and an area, that I ran out of time to explore much last year, so I've been busy looking up hiking routes around the area. I've got a shortlist now, and Sharp Island was the first one that I managed to check off the other week. It takes a while to get to and from Sai Kung, and sometimes further depending on the starting point of most hikes, plus with the actual hike time, it can be full day out. Sharp Island takes a while to reach, but the hike itself isn't long or strenuous.

Hap Mun Bay, Sharp Island, Hong Kong

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A Day in the Life: Kindergarten Class Teacher

     New job, new routine. And it is a little different this time around. Obviously, I've worked as an ESL teacher for a while now, this being my third job of that sort, after previously being an ESL teacher in a Hong Kong kindergarten and then a Korean hagwon (read here if you don't know the story of why Korea didn't last long). However, this time I'm not just the English teacher, I'm a class teacher. This means instead of going into several classes a day to teach their English lesson, sometimes repeating the same one to multiple classes, I stay with one class, K2 (4 year olds, starting to turn 5 now) for the entire time they're in school and I'm responsible for everything about them. It's more work in some ways, but I like getting to know just these few kids really well, and it's more fun being around them than in an office for large chunks of the day. I have a Chinese co-teacher too, who generally takes the lead and keeps me right, and they spend a lot of time doing Chinese, Putonghua, having their snack and doing extra activities with other teachers on some days (PE, Drama), so only a small portion is actually teaching them English. Anyway, this is now what my average day looks like...


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