Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Travel Inspiration | Macau

     Macau is a fascinating country to visit, as it is an unusual mix of China, Portugal, Las Vegas, with a corner of Italy hidden inside one of the casinos too. Although small, this SAR of China contains a diverse landscape of buildings, with typical Chinese buildings alongside the remnants of Portuguese colonial times, and magnificent hotels and casinos towering above everything else. It both resembles other parts of the world, yet is totally unique in its combination of cultures. I spent a day here visiting from Hong Kong (a bit of a dull, grey day as you can see from the photos), as it's just a two hour ferry ride away, and I made that trip a couple of other times for visa runs, but didn't stay for a whole day every time. As it's pretty small, a day or even a weekend is sufficient time to get a taste of the different sides of this country.

Ruins of St Paul's, Macau, SAR of China

Monday, 19 February 2018

Outfit - I See the Light

      So, after last week's Rapunzel inspired look, I'm sticking with the world of Tangled, this time trying a Flynn Rider/ Eugene Fitzherbert outfit (I went with this song title as it's the one he sings most on!). My denim waistcoat was the first, most obvious choice for this, and I picked a plain white t-shirt to go underneath. I've seen other Disneybounds that use button up shirts, but they're not really my style, and as I've mentioned, I'm trying to pick from my existing wardrobe. I also don't wear brown much, so I chose my grey skinny jeans as the closest equivalent, and to avoid a double blue denim look. My tall brown boots finished it off, being similar to the ones he wears, but the heels adding a bit of drama and flair, to suit his personality. I find makeup and jewellery can be a little harder when drawing from male characters; I decided to use browns in my eyeshadow to tone with the blue and brown colour scheme he wears (since the jeans aren't), with eyeliner for his dramatic side. I chose this gold necklace, as the colour suits his aspirations for wealth at the start of the film, but then becomes a nod to Rapunzel and the sunburst motif by the end, since I used it last week too. The bracelets and earrings were mainly to match the blue and brown/gold colour scheme I was aiming for!

Flynn Rider Tangled Disneybound outfit - blue denim waistcoat, white top, grey skinny jeans and brown leather high heeled boots

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Edinburgh Lumen

      Edinburgh is lighting up the dark winter nights just now, with 'Edinburgh Lumen', a series of light and sound installations around the city, which are entirely free to attend. The aim of Lumen is to give people something to enjoy on these cold, winter nights, and to provide calming environments, in contrast to the city's busy festival seasons in summer and in December. Having a rare evening off work the other night, I decided to check it out - and of course, it provides an excellent supply of Instagram worthy photos! The installations are located throughout the New Town, in St Andrew Square, Assembly Rooms Lane, and The Mound, which I visited in that order. The whole route isn't that long, it just depends how long you stay in each location; I spent around 30-40 minutes in total to visit all three.

Serenity Garden, St Andrew Square, Edinburgh Lumen sound & light installations

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