Saturday, 17 February 2018

Edinburgh Lumen

      Edinburgh is lighting up the dark winter nights just now, with 'Edinburgh Lumen', a series of light and sound installations around the city, which are entirely free to attend. The aim of Lumen is to give people something to enjoy on these cold, winter nights, and to provide calming environments, in contrast to the city's busy festival seasons in summer and in December. Having a rare evening off work the other night, I decided to check it out - and of course, it provides an excellent supply of Instagram worthy photos! The installations are located throughout the New Town, in St Andrew Square, Assembly Rooms Lane, and The Mound, which I visited in that order. The whole route isn't that long, it just depends how long you stay in each location; I spent around 30-40 minutes in total to visit all three.

Serenity Garden, St Andrew Square, Edinburgh Lumen sound & light installations

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Room Tour | Edinburgh Marchmont Flat

     So I moved back to Edinburgh a few months ago, and was staying with a family friend for a while before I found a room to rent in a flat. I moved in at the start of January, but it's taken several weeks to move up most of my belonging from my parents' house, as my mum has been bringing it in small batches, since I rarely take a day off work. It's a slightly strange room still to be honest, as it's far less personalised than most places I've lived over the past few years. I think because I've moved so many times in the last couple years, I've stopped 'settling' as much into each new place, since I know I'll be moving out again sooner or later, and I'm so tired of packing everything up all the time - it's easier if there's less stuff! So while most of the belonging I use regularly are with me in this flat now, the majority of my things are still at my parents. The room is more personalised now than when I first moved in, which is why I'm now doing this room tour post, but compared to likes of my student flat during my final year, it still has far less of my style and my things.

Bedroom in shared Edinburgh flat

Monday, 12 February 2018

Outfit - When Will My Life Begin

     So if you hadn't already guessed from the photos and title, this week I'm trying a Rapunzel inspired look for my Disneybound outfit. Tangled is one of my favourite movies, and Rapunzel one of my favourite princesses, with her sense of adventure, but her stye is quite different to mine - light colours, flouncy sleeves and skirts, and minimal jewellery aren't typically descriptors of my style! I've meshed hers and mine though, choosing this floaty, lavender coloured top to fit her colour palette and loose style, with grey jeans, closer to her palette than blue, and I needed slim trousers to balance the top. I chose these nude ballet flats, since she spends most of her time barefoot (I'd like to point out that this isn't an outfit for this time of year in Scotland - maybe spring!). I chose the necklace and bracelet as a nod to her sunburst motif, as these were the closest things I had, while the leaf ring was to tie in with the flower crown. Because of course, what else could I pick but a flower crown and braid for my hair? Blue wouldn't be my first choice for her, but this is the only crown I have. I chose stud earring too, rare for me, so as not to overwhelm alongside the flowers, and to match the purple and gold colour scheme. Finally, I chose simple, light makeup, since her style is very simple and natural overall.

Rapunzel Disneybound outfit of long lavender tunic top, grey skinny jeans, nude ballet flats, and blue flower crown

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