Monday, 23 October 2017

Outfit - Lilac Dreams

     I had completely forgotten I owned this top until I found it in my wardrobe again back home. I can't remember when I got it, or how I used to style it, but I quickly realised that the loose, tunic style would be ideal for wearing over leggings (I never used to wear leggings much, which I why I think I styled it differently long ago). I thought the delicate, lavender colour of it would pair best with brown boots, instead of black, and the tall, heeled boots echo the long length of the top. The necklace is one I don't wear often either, as I typically wear pendants, but again, its length suits this top, and the amethyst stones match the colour perfectly. I stuck to purple for the earrings too, though I went a few shades darker with these origami cranes I bought in Japan.

Lilac Dreams | outfit of long, tunic style purple top, black leggings, and tall, high heeled brown leather boots

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Lyrics to Live Your Life To - Part 3

     I'm currently away on another adventure (just a short one this time though!), so I wrote a few posts ahead of time to tide things over until I'm back. I realised the last Lyrics post I did was over three years ago, and I've listened to plenty more new music since then, so here's a new list of lyrics I like (maybe not always the best to live your life to, but I'm not changing the title now), mostly from stuff that's been released in the last few years.

Lyrics, You Me At Six, Take On The World

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

642 Things - The Red Cape

"What a character wearing something red is thinking"

Little girl wearing superhero red cape and eye mask

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