Thursday, 17 January 2019

642 Things - How to Skip Work

'A beginner's guide to skipping out of work'

'Out of office' sign

Monday, 14 January 2019

Travel Inspiration | Edinburgh

     As the city I've called home for the longest, Edinburgh is a special place to me. I think it's a beautiful, fascinating city, with so much to explore - honestly, this post could have been twice as long as it is! The streets have so many stories to tell, and sometimes it's my job to tell them... And considering there's been a settlement here for thousands of years now, those stories are long, rich, and complex, spanning the centuries. Take a look for yourself....

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Outfit - Back to the Start

     First outfit post of 2019 is here! And as you might have noticed already, it's not a Disneybound look - I had fun doing them last year, but I was starting to run out of characters to use with the clothes I already owned. So, this year is back to basics, with just outfits I like. Also, as I'm reducing my schedule to twice weekly posts, outfits will come every second week now I think. Anyways, this white and blue dress is one I've had for years and always comes in handy since it's versatile for day to day or slightly more formal wear - I used it for a family Christmas meal the other week! The thick, knitted style is also perfect for winter, and I added the blue cardigan - which zips up to look like a jumper - with its sparkly details for a similarly festive style. The tights are super thick too, and I recently got these leather boots refurbished as they're practical and easy to match with lots of outfits. There's minimal jewellery too, with just these teapot earrings, as I've mostly only worn earrings day to day recently.

Back to the Start - outfit of blue and white knit dress, blue sparkly cardigan jumper and tall black leather boots

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