Monday, 23 April 2018

Outfit - That's What Makes the World Go Round

     This week's song title is probably less well-known than some of my previous posts... any ideas? This outfit was inspired by Arthur, from 'The Sword in the Stone'. The bracelet was my starting point, as the owls are just like Archimedes, and the red colour would match Arthur's palette perfectly. The dress was the next obvious choice, being the only red dress I own, and I thought the patterns on it could be fairly medieval. The brown boots are close to Arthur's, and since I don't have a yellow or brown cardigan, this dark, neutral grey was my next best option. The necklace is one I rarely wear, but I thought the rich tones suited the once and future king, while the simple earrings are a nod to his humble, squire origins.

Arthur from The Sword in the Stone Disneybound - outfit of red patterned dress, black tights & brown ankle boots

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Edinburgh Literary Locations

     In 2004, Edinburgh was named the first UNESCO City of Literature, the first in the Creative Cities network, which now spans over 100 cities around the world chosen for various creative pursuits. But it makes sense that Edinburgh was chosen for literature, as the city has been the home and the source of inspiration for many famous authors over the years. Stories are a rich part of Scottish culture and heritage in general, so it was only natural that eventually we'd start writing them down, to form our strong literary heritage. So, when visiting Edinburgh, literature lovers might like to explore some of the notable locations around the city, linked to various writers and their works.

Sir Walter Scott Monument, Princes Street, Edinburgh

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Green | Colour

It's fresh and bright and new. It's wild and natural and energetic. It's wealthy and greedy and jealous.

Green leaves hanging from tree branches, blurred sunlight background

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