Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Outfit - Oversized

     One of the things I was excited about with moving back to the UK was wearing winter clothes again, as Hong Kong gets cool but never that cold. I actually got these items a couple of months ago, at a charity fashion show that took place in my home town, put on by a company called Colours, who sell the clothes after the show at discounted prices. I love the oversized shape of this jumper, with the bell-shaped sleeves and hemline (though the sleeves can get in the way sometimes), and the warm, mossy green colour is a little different for me. I counterbalanced the bagginess of the jumper with these slim leggings, which are thicker than most leggings, and have interesting seam patterns up the front, if you can see it here. This could be a pretty casual outfit overall, but I fancied it up a little with these new ankle boots, which I am absolutely in love with. I stuck to the natural shades of the jumper with the jewellery, all bought back in Central America, and finished it all off with my new go-to daywear lip colour. (Sorry for dodgy lighting again, struggles of staying in different places all the time!)

Oversized - outfit of large, loose green jumper, black t-shirt, black seam detailed leggings, and black heeled ankle boots

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Find Your Sparkle

     It's the most wonderful time of the year... I hope you all read that in a sing-song manner! Yes, Christmas is upon us, a time of merriment and joy and love, of family and friends and gifts, of delicious food and festive decorations. Christmas may mean something slightly different to everyone, but there's little escaping its presence. Edinburgh now is a mass of sparkling lights, bringing a festive atmosphere to the city. Everywhere you look, there is something sparkling, twinkling, glimmering, or shining.

Shining star Christmas lantern decoration

Friday, 8 December 2017

Life Update | 2017

     Ok, let's start off with a very, very brief recap of the last couple years. Graduated university in 2015, moved to Hong Kong for a year, moved to South Korea, didn't enjoy it and moved back to Hong Kong, travelled for 2 months, moved back to the UK. Everyone keep up with that? Good. Now, the moving back to the UK thing happened over 2 months ago, so, what have I been doing since then, I hear you cry? Well, actually no, I don't hear you cry, but I'm going to pretend people might be interested in my life, for my ego's sake!

'Life Update' text on green farm hills background

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