Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Outfit - God Help the Outcasts

     Back to my usual Disneybound outfits this week, and taking a break from villains after Halloween month! This outfit was inspired by Esmeralda, from 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame', mostly because I wanted to use this skirt! It doesn't match her colour scheme perfectly, but I got it for a costume party years ago and have rarely used it since. I thought the design of it matched her gypsy style, and the colours are still fun and bright. I paired it with this white, off-the-shoulder top, similar to hers as well. I didn't have any sort of blue belt like hers, but the bracelets are gold and blue, and the earrings have purple and blue in them, to tie in to her colour palette. The big, chunkier style of the jewellery also matches hers. I didn't have a pink scarf for my hair either, so this brown braided piece was the closest I could manage, otherwise leaving it loose and natural. And she's normally barefoot, so I went for nude flats instead! Finally, I added a sweep of eyeliner and pink lipstick, to channel a bit of her boldness and vibrancy.

Esmeralda Disneybound outfit of white off the shoulder crop top, long rainbow pattern skirt, nude flats & bold jewellery

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Corstorphine Hill | Hiking Edinburgh

     Just because it's coming into winter time, that doesn't mean I can't continue hiking in Edinburgh! Although, I do have to go earlier, since it gets dark by 4.30pm at this time of year. Anyways, last week I tried a new route, hiking Corstorphine Hill for the first time.

Clermiston Tower on Corstorphine Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

A Fork in the Road

You will never know exactly where each path will take you, you just have to pick one, and keep moving forward.

Sign post marker in the forest with autumn leaves - Corstorphine Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland
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